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For the last 47 years Snooker Scene has provided each month a first draft of the game's ongoing history. We are by far the game's longest running and most influential magazine.

We report all significant action on and off the table in the worlds of snooker and billiards, and have recently increased our coverage of international pool. Our bedrock is our tournament coverage, supplemented by stories about players and other personalities within the snooker world. We crusade against injustice within the sport; we attack governing bodies when they do not serve the game as well as they should.

Click on to the subscription page if you wish to begin a subscription which will run for 12 months from any month of the year. You can order back issues on CD-Rom or, where still available, in their original paper form. We have launched a digital download facility to our non-British customers in which an e-mail form of Snooker Scene will be delivered right to your inbox.

Snooker Scene's online shop has grown out of the magazine's mail order service and provides an opportunity to purchase cues and other equipment, books, videos, DVDs, photographs and paintings (both originals and prints).

Initially the shop is featuring signed, updated paperback copies of my book Black Farce and Cue Ball Wizards, the inside story of the snooker world.

Over the past few years the game has seen a huge turning point from the amount of televised tournaments to the vast diversity in endorsements for tournaments on the World Snooker circuit. 

Gambling, strictly overseen by World Snooker's Integrity Unit, is fully accepted in the snooker world and numerous gambling authorities have accepted that online betting is conducted in a controlled and responsible manner.


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