The Heritage Room 1996-2005 DVD
Quick find : SS244
2 hour DVD of TV interviews and humorous moments from the last 10 years of the World Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield
Our Price : £12.50
In stock
Nic Barrow’s 10 Volume Video Encyclop...
Quick find : SS246
160 online video clips totalling 10 hours of cutting edge knowledge – all streamed online direct to your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone allowing you to study anywhere… even at the club!
Our Price : £147.00
In stock
Understanding Modern Snooker
Quick find : ss251
with Jack Karneham
Our Price : £12.99
In stock
Snooker in the 70's Vol 1
Quick find : SS242
Featuring: Alex Higgins, John Pulman, Warren Simpson, John Spencer, Eddie Charlton, Jackie Rea, Ray Reardon, Gary Owen and Pat Houlihan.
Our Price : £22.50
In stock
Snooker in the 70s Vol 2
Quick find : SS243
Alex Higgins, Graham Miles, John Pulman, John Dunning, John Spencer, John Virgo, Ray Reardon, Roy Andrewartha, Cliff Thorburn, Doug Mountjoy and more
Our Price : £22.50
In stock
Snooker in the 70s: Vol 3
Quick find : SS248
*NEW* DVD from the popular 70s collection from Roger Lee
Our Price : £22.50
In stock
Volume 1 Roger Lee DVD
Quick find : SS232
Willie Smith. Tom Newman, Walter Lindrum, re-opening of the Leicester Square Hall, Thelma Carpenter, Joyce Gardner, Joe Davis, Arthur Goundrill, Sidney Smith and Bob Marshall.
Our Price : £17.50
In stock
Volume 2 Roger Lee DVD
Quick find : SS233
Different footage of all featured in vol 1 plus Melbourne Inman, Horace Lindrum, Cliff Wilson, Fred Davis, Willie Hoppe, Raymond Ceulemans, Willie Mosconi, Tom Reece plus various newsreels.
Our Price : £17.50
In stock
Volume 3 Roger Lee DVD
Quick find : SS234
Joe Davis talks about his career with the help of a great deal of footage archive
Our Price : £17.50
In stock
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